Summer 2018

  • First Site Visit

    The wonderful Jo from NCC Allotments showed us around the site. Carefully dodging a sea of brambles and nettles, we just about manage to reach all the way to the polytunnel.

  • The Greenhouse

    With the full heat of summer to guide them, brambles have managed to scramble up the windows to suffocate the house, with the doors held in place we couldn't even get inside. 

  • The Workshop

    A friend visiting the site manages to leaver open the rusty doors of the mystery shed. They pop off to reveal a jam packed storage room surrounded by work surfaces and tool racks.

  • Research & Learn

    Fortunately Nottingham is already full of great growing spaces. We visited as many as we could in search of advice and ideas. Big thanks to Dig In, AMC, BFG, windmill, ecoworks & stonebridge to name a few.

Autumn 2018

  • Team Building

     The first priority was getting together a team of like-minded, passionate and self-motivated people with a diverse set of skills.

  • BTT Mentorship

    Having launched a facebook page, the town team reached out to us within a matter of days offering their local knowledge, practical support, vast experience and business expertise.

  • Uncovered Pizza Oven

    Chopping away at brambles we uncovered a crumbled pile of clay. Neighbours said it used to be a pizza oven, we hope to restore it.

  • Pond Uncovered

    The rake was discovered to be the best bramble battler, quickly helping reveal the remnants of a pond with lining still intact. 

Winter 2018

  • Registered as CIC

    After far too many hurdles and stamps, Companies House finally accepted our application form. And just in time for them to release a way to go through the whole process online.

  • Found First Frog

    One day when clearing a space around the clubhouse, out hopped a family of frogs. Most leaped straight under the building but this guy was happy to settle and say hi.

  • Reach Out to Local Council

    The wonderful community engagement officers Suki and Claire were very positive about the project and directed us towards potential partner organisations and funding streams.

  • Permaculture Guidance

    Permaculture experts Elizabeth and Xanthea walk round the site and explain the basics of designing sustainable and productive systems.

Spring 2019

  • Plant First Seeds

    Once we had a space cleared in the greenhouse, we bought some seed module trays and planted up trial batches of chard, lettuce, rocket, runner beans and basil.

  • Basil Seedlings

    Once the shoots sprouted we were able to begin experimenting with different sites. We transplanted some into bigger pots, some into the polytunnel and others stayed put.

  • IBC Tank Donated

    Nottingham Growers Network generously donated a 1000 litre IBC tank to the garden, big thanks to our neighbour Jo for helping us get it over the fence.

  • BBQ Donated by AMC

    Arkwright Meadows Community Garden were kind enough to donate a spare BBQ for us to use- a great motive to get gardenning!

  • First Hedgehog Spotting

    Whilst being visited by a lady from the RHS we stumbled across a large but sleepy hedgehog- bad news for the slugs!  

  • More Helpers

    Gradually more and more friends offered their help meaning we were able to progress much faster. Big thanks to all involved.

Summer 2019

  • Edible Flowers Donated

    Vic from The Flower Deli kindly donated a whole bunch of edible flowers ready to be transplanted. We drilled holes into waste bins donated from a local hospital to make great plant pots.

  • Plant out Lettuce

    Once the lettuce seedlings had grown to a decent size we transplanted them into a raised bed in the polytunnel. These beds were made from old decking donated by AMC gardens.

  • Bulwell Arts Festival

    Nicola from BAF  gave us the chance to begin getting the word out to locals about the project. We showed the youngsters how to turn plastic bottles into self watering planters for pak choi.

  • Plums Ready

    A plum tree was uncovered down the side of the polytunnel with plenty of delicious fruit ready to eat. The plums made a great snack midway through a day of heavy gardening.

  • Apple Picking

    The apples were ready to harvest before we were able to preserve them ourselves, so we donated them to a number of local social eating hubs that made good use of the fruit.

  • Flowers in Bloom

    Vic's edible flowers came out in no time, filling the polytunnel with vibrant colours and wonderful smells- who would have known they could also be so tasty!

  • Bee Spotting

    Thankfully plenty of bees flocked to the garden throughout the summer period, we hope to build some hives further down the line.

  • Awards for All

    Towards the end of summer we got some good news- our awards for all application was accepted. This was very motivating as it means we now have a bit of a float to fall back on.

Autumn 2019

  • Patio Cleared

    The weeks on end of bramble battling was finally starting to pay off. The mosaic in the background was apparently built by a local school when the garden first opened. 

  • Orchard Cleared

    Upon untangling the bindweed from the young apple trees and removing the brambles we mulched the ground with plain card. 

  • Built Compost Bins

    We built compost bins out of heat treated pallets to break down all our organic waste. Black plastic was used to line them so that soil could be contained and plants grown around the edges. 

  • Workshop Cleared

    We managed to pull all the junk from the workshop, with a lot of dusting we ended up with a space perfect for storing the tools.

  • Discarded Nest

    With the falling leaves we discovered a discarded nest left behind by the birds that had raised their chicks in the trees.

  • Greenhouse Cleared

    Having emptied the greenhouse and cleared the bramble roots from the edges, we hosed down the glass and fixed the guttering.

Winter 2019

  • Table Building

    We are very lucky to have an experienced joiner on the team. Alex led the way building tables ready to house seedlings in the greenhouse. 

  • NCC Site Clear

    Our local councillor Ethan put us in touch with Darren and the site clear up team to help shift a few truck loads of waste. 

  • Start Central Beds

    We started digging over the site's central growing space and laying cardboard down as a mulch. 

  • Nursery Ready

    After a good few coats of paint the tables were ready for the growing season to get under way.

  • Volunteer Day

    Our PR & marketing lead Caroline managed to recruit a big group of student volunteers! Amazing to see how much progress can be made with enough hands on deck. 

  • Woodchip Delivery

    A generous local tree feller dropped off a truck load of oak woodchip- enough to fill 6 builder bags!

Spring 2020